What does お世話になります。 (Osewaninarimasu.) mean


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“Osewaninarimasu.” means “Thank you for taking the time”, so you can use it for someone who has already taken care of you. This term can be used for existing customers and business partners.

(いつも) お世話になります(なっております)is a very common greeting on business.

When you visit your client, you say “いつもお世話になります(なっております)”.

Therefore, it is appropriate to use common phrases for the first-time meeting such as “Hajimemashite” for the first time to meet face-to-face who have not exchanged until now.

世話 means care.
お世話をする means “take care of”.
お世話になる means “to be helped”.
お世話をする means “to help”.

Let’s see some examples with voice.

Thank you for all your help the other day.

“Thank you for always taking care of Kimura”

“Mr.Kimura,you always take very good care of us. (Thank you)”

Thank you very much for everything.

Thank you very much for everything.