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  • JLPT N5 Listening Training APP/日本語能力試験N5聴解練習アプリ

    JLPT N5 Listening Training is a useful app to learn Japanese and prepare for a  JLPT N5 level listening exam.  日本語能力試験N5聴解練習アプリです。 select a question, listening movie with audio. First click ” Play quiz”.  ( you can choose background audio on or off) 左上のギアから背景音のオン・オフができます。 Choose a category. There are 10 categories. Each category has 10 questions. 全部で10のカテゴリがあります。各カテゴリに10の問題が収録されています。 Click the click icon in the upper right to play the movie. Then Please listen and answer. 右上のクリックアイコンをクリックすると動画が再生されます。 よく聞いて答えてください。 タップすれば動画は閉じます。 Once you tap the movie then back to the question. Movie/動画でプレイ内容を確認 /p> Free download /アプリの無料ダウンロードはこちらから    

  • JLPT WORD LIST from N5 to N1 level with audio,favorite function

    There are over 2000 words JLPT WORD LIST from N5 to N1 level with audio. You can tap and listen the words or Grammars. To memorize, You can add words into your favorite list. This app needs Google Text To Speech(TTS). If your phone has not installed yet, please install it first. You can check setting as: Tap on Language & input. Scroll to the bottom and tap on Text-to-speech output. Tap the gear to the right hand side of Google Text-to-speech Engine. Movie ■download here

  • 1 US dollar English→Japanese Translation service

    English→Japanese Translation service We charge 1US$ per 100 words. (the word number that exceeds 50 but is less than 100 is regarded as 100,for E-J translation, we charge by the number of English words.) When you are consulting me about translation service, please inform me of its usage and detailed requirements, in this manner, I can adjust my translation style to meet different needs. You can pay by paypal. 1米ドル翻訳サービス(英ー日) 高額の翻訳は必要ないという方に是非おすすめです。 英字100字まで1米ドルのみ