JLPT Survival game/App for JLPT exam/日本語能力試験対策アプリ紹介

We stored new JLPT game. This game is very hard and strict to pass all level because you need perfect answers. so once you clear all level, it means you can pass JLPT exam easily.

App movie

JLPT Survival game for Android is now on ready.

JLPT N1 survival game
JLPT N2 survival game
JLPT N3 survival game
JLPT N4 survival game
JLPT N5 survival game

You need perfect 100% answer to move to next level. This is really survival game for JLPT test. ios version is in store later.


There is 30 seconds for each questions. once you clear level, you get 3 points.
The points can be used for items.

There are 3 items. 

1.hint ( you can remove 2 wrong answers)
2.bomb ( you can clear the answer)
3.time extension (more 30 sec)

Download free! I hope this app will help your JLPT exam.

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