Transcribe/subtitling video service (English-Japanese) srt file.

About This Gig

Our English subtitling service involves transcribing the content of your video and creating subtitles. Our professional staff in charge of English transcription transcribes with a high degree of accuracy, and then our experienced subtitle editing staff creates subtitles based on the transcription. By adding subtitles, you can check the text information while listening to the audio of the video, making it easier to understand the English video. Also, even in environments where the audio is difficult to hear, the subtitles allow you to check the content of the video without any problems.

Export as Srt file.

What type of audio or videos We transcribe:

Youtube Transcription
Audio Transcription
Video Transcription
Interview Transcription
Podcast Transcription
Webinar Transcription
Meetings Transcription
Zoom Meetings
Transcribe Lectures
Audio to Text
Video to Text
And if you have any other file then please contact

and more


Compare Packages

transcribe video of 10 minutes.

transcribe video of 30 minutes.

transcribe video of 60 minutes.


Can you create srt Subtitle file?

Yes. We can export as srt subtitle file.

Can you transcribe Zoom Meetings?

Yes, free to contact to discuss more.

How do I send the files?

Please upload it in Google Drive/ Dropbox, create a sharable link and send me that link.

How many minutes would I get in $5?

You will get transcription of 10 minutes of your audio/video in $5.

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