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  • 30 Essential lovers Japanese Phrases with audio Part1

    Let’s learn “Lovers Japanese with audio If  you want to speak Japanese, but you don’t know it? Here are Japanese phrases for lovers. Romance is exist everywhere.There are also audios. You can practice by yourself! 1.愛してるよ。 Aishiteru yo. I love you. need audio tag supported browser   “Aishiteru” is very romantic love word,and It’s very serious word as well. 2.お前に夢中なんだ。 Omae ni muchū nanda I am crazy about you. need audio tag supported browser   “Omae” means “you” (casual way) 3.デートに行こうぜ? Dēto ni ikouze Would you like to go out on a date with me? need audio tag supported browser   Use this phrase when you want to go for date with […]

  • イケメンは正義、ブサイクは悪。 いけめんはせいぎ、ぶさいくはあく。 ikemen wa seig,i Busaiku wa aku.

    イケメンは正義、ブサイクは悪。 いけめんはせいぎ、ぶさいくはあく。 ikemen wa seig,i Busaiku wa aku. What does  ikemen mean? In English, this means handsome or good looking guy,cool man. Ikemen comes from Japanese ikeru, iketeru, “cool”, “good”, “exciting” and either men (メン), from English “men” or “men’s” (menzu), or men (面) “face”. ikemen= iketeru + men iketeru = cool, alpha pup men is men (English) Let’s see some examples イケメンは正義、ブサイクは悪。(いけめんはせいぎ、ぶさいくはあく。) ikemen wa seig,i Busaiku wa aku. English:Being cool makes you justice, being ugly makes you evil. 私はイケメンと付き合いたいです。(わたしはいけめんとつきあいたいです。) Watashi wa ikemen to tsukiaitai desu. English: I want to date with a good looking guy.  

  • ざまぁ見ろ(ざまぁみろ)【zamaa miro】

    ざまぁ見ろ (ざまぁみろ) 【zamaa miro】 What does ざまぁ見ろ(ざまぁみろ)【zamaa miro】 mean? In English, this means maybe  Serve you right or “right back at you”. Sounds like ZAMA MEE ROH. Informal phrase. Let’s see some examples おまえにばちがあたったんだよ。ざまぁみろ。 Omae ni Bachi ga atatta n dayo. Zamaa miro. English: You deserve it.Serve you right!  

  • 金遣いが荒いです。(かねづかいがあらいです。) Kanedukai ga arai desu

    金遣いが荒いです。(かねづかいがあらいです。)Kanedukai ga arai desuYou are a spendthrift.   What does  Kanedu(zu)kai ga arai mean? In English, this means maybe  spendthrift,  extravagant,spender. Let’s see some examples 彼は良い人だけど,金遣いが荒い。Kare wa you hito dakedo kanezukai ga arai.He is a good person, but he is a big spender. 彼は結婚してから浪費家になった。Kare wa kekkon shite kara rouhika ni natta.When he married she became a spendthrift.

  • 上から目線(うえからめせん)uekara mesen【looking down on】

    上から目線(うえからめせん)【looking down on】 上から目線やめてください。(うえからめせんやめてください。)You’re so full of yourself!   What does ” uekara mesen” meaning? That means : condescending attitude; arrogant attitude; looking down on Let’s see some examples 彼の父は社長なので、マイクは彼は上から目線だと思っている。(Kare no chichi wa shacho nanode, mike wa  kare wa uekara mesen dato omotteiru) Since his father owns the company, Mike thinks he’s above everyone else.” チャンネル登録/subscribe this channel:    

  • 窓際族(まどぎわぞく)madogiwazoku

    窓際族(まどぎわぞく)madogiwazoku【dead wood】 私は窓際族です。(わたしはまどぎわぞくです。)I am a member of the dead wood. What does madogiwazoku mean? In Japan, worker likes to be busy at work, and eagerly accepts positions of responsibility. But, sometimes worker who have passed their prime are given decreased workloads. These workers are often given a seat by the window, where they idle their workdays away. These workers comprise the so-called  mado-giwa-zoku.  in English dead wood. Let’s see some examples 私は窓際族です。(わたしはまどぎわぞくです。)I am a member of the dead wood. 窓際族になりたくない。(まどぎわぞくになりたくない。)I don’t wanna be dead wood. チャンネル登録/subscribe this channel:    

  • オナラする(おならする) onara suru

    オナラする(おならする)【onara suru】to wind; gas; fart そんなにキツク抱きしめるとオナラがでちゃうわ。You hold me tight so much, I will fart.  Let’s see some examples いもを食べるとおならがでる。 Potatoes give me wind. 父は必ず朝おならをする。 My father is bound to fart every morning. 彼女がしたおならは臭い。 Her fart smelled.    チャンネル登録/subscribe this channel:    

  • できちゃった婚 Dekichattakon  shotgun wedding, shotgun marriage

    できちゃった婚(できちゃったこん)【shotgun wedding, shotgun marriage】 妊娠したけどあなたの子かどうかわからないの。(にんしんしたけどあなたのこかどうかわからないの。) I got pregnant but I don’t know who’s baby.   This expression describes a wedding that is or was arranged to avoid embarrassment due to an unplanned pregnancy rather than out of the desire of the participants. Let’s see some examples dialogs. A:実は、来月に結婚することになったんだ。B:え?それはおめでとう。ずいぶん急だな。もしかして、でき婚?A:うん、そう…。 A: Jitsuwa, raigetsu ni kekkon suru koto ni natta nda.B: E? Soreha omedetō. Zuibun kyūda na. Moshikashite, dekikon?A: Un,-sō… English TranslationA:To tell the truth, next month months  I am getting married.B:Oh really, that is a great news! Congratulations! That was pretty quick. Wait. Don’t tell me it’s a shotgun wedding?A:Actually…yes.  チャンネル登録/subscribe this channel:    

  • KY(空気が読めない)kuuki yomenai

    空気を読んでください。(くうきよんでください。)Take a hint. What Does KY Mean? It is pronounced “kei-wai”. It’s a Japanese slang word that was coined by high-school girls in 2008. It is an acronym of “Kuuki-Yomenai” in Japanese. 空気読めない(kuuki yomenai) means someone who can’t read the atmosphere of a situation. so in English, Take a hint. The “KY person” would have a hard time living in Japan, because the Japanese generally don’t express themselves very well. We are under the impression that others might understand us without mentioning the details most of the time.  チャンネル登録/subscribe this channel:    

  • 浮気は文化です。(うわきはぶんかです。)Uwaki wa bunka desu

    浮気【cheating for love】浮気は文化です。(うわきはぶんかです。)The heart wants what it wants. Uwaki means cheat on one’s wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend Furin means have an affair (with somebody) You may say Furin wa bunka as well. Let’s see some examples マイクは妻に内緒で浮気をしている。Mike cheats on his wife.Mike is cheating on his wife. 私は決して浮気をしません。I will never cheat. 浮気はしないでください。Please do not cheat on your partner. 浮気をする男は嫌い。I hate men who cheat. 私は浮気をしている悪い妻なの。I am a horrible cheating wife. 私は妻の浮気現場を見た。My wife saw me cheating. マイクは妻の浮気が原因で離婚した。Mike got divorced because of his wife’s cheating.      チャンネル登録/subscribe this channel: