Japanese Narration Service

About This Gig

English Narration Service is a service in which an experienced professional English narrator reads and records your English text. Because the recording of English narration is done in a studio, high quality narration can be achieved. This service can be used for a variety of purposes, including English teaching materials, product explanation videos, operational audio, company introduction videos, and commercials.

Audio for Japanese teaching materials
Narration for e-learning
Narration for manual video for employee training
Audio recording for international conferences
Narration for promotion video
Narration for presentation
Product introduction voice for exhibitions
Voice guidance for museums and art galleries
In-house announcements at department stores, movie theaters, etc.
Voice guidance for sightseeing spots
Guidance for answering telephone calls
Voice guidance for electrical appliances
Voice recording for e-books and audiobooks
Commercial use for TV, movies, etc.

Order Details

100 words 10U$ (Japanese)

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