What does ご容赦ください(Goyousha kudasai)mean


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ご容赦ください(Goyousha kudasai)

This means “I apologize if there are any errors in the material
Please have mercy.”

“Goyousha kudasai” includes the meaning of Cut me some slack!” for negligence. These words are often used with a wish, “Please forgive me” for your mistakes.

“Goryosho kudasai” is a word that is easy to use in a similar meaning to “Goryosho kudasai”, but this is not meant to apologize for being disrespectful or negligent, so if you use it by mistake, you should be careful Be careful because you will feel that it is not.

Let’s see some examples with voice

Since it is expected to be crowded on that day, We are sorry for the inconvenience

Please bear with errors if there are any.

Please excuse my poor writing.

We don’t accept specifying the date and time.We are sorry for the inconvenience

The number is limited. We are sorry for the inconvenience when sold out.

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