What does お言葉に甘えて(Okotoba ni amaete)mean


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お言葉に甘えて(Okotoba ni amaete)

Okotoba ni amaete

the literal meaning“Sweet with your words”

“Okotoba ni amaete” is a term used when you are willing to accept an offer from the other party’s favor.
“Okotoba ni amaete” is used when you want to accept someone’s kind offer willingly.
“O” in “Word” is a polite prefix, and “kotoba” means “word”.
“amaete” means “to depend on something”.
Therefore “Okotoba ni amaete” means I depend on your words.

お言葉 means “your words” and 甘え means something like “expressing your affinity for someone by letting them spoil you”.

In English, it is translated as “I’ll take you up on that” or “If you insist”.

Let’s see some examples with voice


A:It going to be late today so you can go home.
B:I’ll take you up on that i am going home.


A:I pay this bill.
B:Thanks for your kind offer. I appreciate it.


A:I bought souvenirs for business trips, so You everyone please eat them.
B:Thanks for your kind offer. we appreciate it.


Thank you for the invitation email the other day. Thanks for your kind offer and I would like to visit you at home in Tokyo.

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