What does ご無沙汰しております(Gobusatashiteorimasu)mean


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This  means 「long time no seeing」,「It’s been a while」,「I have not been in touch with you for a while」

In other words, you can say “Ohisasiburidesu”.
“Gobusata shiteorimasu” is an expression used when someone hasn’t met for a while or stayed in contact.
“Gobusata shiteorimasu” is a more polite expression than “Ohisashiburidesu”.

ご無沙汰しております。> 久しぶり。

Formal: ご無沙汰しています。
Polite: ご無沙汰しております。
More polite: ご無沙汰いたしております。

This is greeting which usually use on business or formal situation.

The ご makes this phrase more polite, as does the おります instead of います.

Let’s see some examples with voice

I have been absent for a long time. Thank you for making valuable time this time.

I’m sorry that I haven’t contacted you in such a long time.

I am sorry that I have not been in touch with you for a long time.

It’s been a while since last time I saw you. How have you been? 

(in reply)It really is.

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