【N2】ゆえに/ yueni

ゆえに yueni

 How to make”ゆえに” in Japanese.

    • ・ Meaning: <A, ゆえにB><名詞+ゆえに>、のために、だから、理由を表す。 due to, therefore (formal, written)
    • ・ JLPT Level: 2 日本語能力試験N2級レベル
    • ・ Category: grammar 文法

You can use ゆえに when you want to say “due to, therefore.. “.

The patterns is below:

Noun + の
な-adjective + な
Sentence + が
+ ゆえ +

例文:Examples of sentence (with audio)

Because of his strange personality, he cannot make friends.

Because of bad weather,the festival was canceled.

because (I’m) a foreigner,I need to bring my passport.

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