【N2】~もかまわず/~nimo kamawazu


don’t mind, don’t care about 

How to make/作り方

Noun + もかまわず
Verb-casual + もかまわず

example sentences/例文 (audio/音声付き)

basu no naka de hitome mo kamawazu, keshou o suru josei ga iru.
There are women who don’t care about what people think and put on their make-up in the bus.

Hito no meiwaku mo kamawazu, densha no naka de keitai denwa de hanashiteiru hito ga iru
There are people who talk on mobile phones without concern for bothering others.

Kanojo wa hitome mo kamwazu kodomo no youni naita.
She cried like a child without worrying about how it would appear.

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