as; in proportion to; with 

How to make/作り方

Noun + に伴って/に伴い/に伴う
Verb-dictionary form + に伴って/に伴い/に伴う

example sentences/例文 (audio/音声付き)

移民が増えるに伴って、 いろいろな問題が起ってきた。
Imin ga fueru ni tomonatte, iroiro na mondai ga okotte kita.
Various problems have come up along with the increase in the Immigrants.

Jinkou no zouka ni tomonai,shigen no shouhiryou mo fueta.
As the population increased, the consumption of resources also increased.

Hatsunetsu ni tomomatte,seki mo detekita.
Along with the fever I also began to cough.

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