~つもりです ~tsumoridesu

 How to make”~つもりです..” in Japanese.

    • ・ Meaning: I intend to (verb)
    • ・ JLPT Level: N5 日本語能力試験N5級レベル
    • ・ Category: grammar 文法

You can use ~つもりです when you want to say “I intend to (verb).. .”

The patterns is below:

Verb present short + tsumori
I intend to (verb)
This means a plan or an intent of doing something.

 例文:Examples of sentence (with audio)

私は明日テニスをするつもりです。Watashi wa ashita tennis o siru tsumori desu .
I intend to play tennis tomorrow

メアリーは来年日本にいないつもりです。Mary wa rainen nihon ni inai tsumori desu .
Mary does not intend to stay in Japan next year

あなたは何を勉強するつもりですか? Anata wa nani wo suru tsumori desu ka?
What are you going to study?

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