30 Essential lovers Japanese Phrases with audio Part1

Let’s learn “Lovers Japanese with audio

If  you want to speak Japanese, but you don’t know it? Here are Japanese phrases for lovers. Romance is exist everywhere.There are also audios. You can practice by yourself!


Aishiteru yo.
I love you.

“Aishiteru” is very romantic love word,and It’s very serious word as well.

Omae ni muchū nanda
I am crazy about you.

“Omae” means “you” (casual way)

Dēto ni ikouze
Would you like to go out on a date with me?

Use this phrase when you want to go for date with a girl who you like. This is very casual and manish way ( for men). ” Deto ni ikimasenka” is more polite way.

Kimi no koto o motto shiritai yo.
I would like to know more about you.

“Kimi” means ” you ” (casual way) as well, but this is more polite than ” omae”.

Hitomebore dayo.
It’s love at first sight.

“Hitomebore” means to be taken with someone at first sight.

Kimi wa unmei no hito da.
You are my destiny.

 I’m Your Destiny is “Watashi wa kimi no unmei no hito desu”

Kimi no koto bakari kangaete irunda.
You’re all I’ve been thinking about.

“anata no koto” means “about you”.

Keitai no bango wo oshiete yo.
May I have your cell phone number?

“Keitai” means mobile/cell phone. 

Ato de denwa shitemo ii no?
Can I call you later?

“ii no?” measn asking permission.

Anata o yūshoku ni shōtai shitai yo.
I would like to invite you for dinner

When you want to invite her for dinner, use this phrase.

You look great.

Kirei means  beautiful.

Omae to isho ni itai desu.
I want to be with you.

Issho ni iru measn “to be together”.

Haijmete Atta nante omoenai.
I can hardly believe we just met.

-te omoenai = I can’t believe that..

Konna Kimochi wa hajimete dayo
I’ve never felt this way before.

Konna = such kimochi=feeling

Hajimete Attatoki Dokidoki shitayo.
My heart was pounding the first time we met.

ドキドキ is onomatopoeia for the sound of a heart beating at a quickened pace.

Omae no koto Kangaeruto totemo setsunaku naru yo.
Just the thought of you fills me with an unbearable longing.

Oretachi Akaiiti de musubarete iru kana.
I wonder if we’re meant for each other.

Akai ito=Red string of fate

Omae wa ore no konomi no taiou nan da yo.
You’re just my type.

Ore no koto dou omotte iru?
How do you feel about me?

Hatsukoi nanda.
I’ve never been in love before.

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Hatsukoi = first love.It’s very common seen in Manga.

Ore to tsukiatte kureru kana?
Do you want to go out with me?

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Tsukiau = to go on date, to become lover, start to be lover.

Omae ga koushii.
I miss you.

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Miss= koishii. Sabishii is also missing , but Sabisii is more like lonely.

Ocha demo nomi ni ikouze.
Do you want to go for coffee or something?

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Ocha is tea but in this means have a coffee or tea.

Ashita hima?
Are you doing anything tomorrow?

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Issho ni ikitai tokoro ga arunda.
There’s a place I’d like to take you.

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Sono fuku totemo yoku niau ne.
That outfit looks great on you.

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Kondo no shumatsu wa nani wo suruno?
What do you want to do this weekend?

Mou ichido dake chance wo kurenai ka?
Couldn’t you give me just one more chance?

Omae no kimochi ga mou wakaranai.
I don’t know how you feel about me.

Moto no saya ni osamaru koto nante dekinai yo.
There’s no way we could get together again.

Moto no saya (Motosaya) means  to get back together, to get back being lover again.

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