JLPT quiz millionaire/App for JLPT exam/日本語能力試験対策アプリ紹介

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JLPT quiz millionaire game for Android is now on ready.

N1 Level Quiz millionaire
N2 Level Quiz millionaire
N3 Level Quiz millionaire
N4 Level Quiz millionaire
N5 Level Quiz millionaire


Legendary JLPT N1 exam four-choice quiz! Final Answer! !

From the common general knowledge JLPT N1 exam quiz.
Never make a mistake! !

If you make a mistake in one of the questions, you are finished immediately. Please answer carefully.

◆ Quiz app that you can easily enjoy in a short time
◆ JLPT N1 exam trivia, Kanji,Grammar,words etc.

Completely free!

【This app is recommended for this users ]
・ People who will take JLPT N1 exam.
・ Person who likes online quiz
・ Those who are looking for any JLPT N1 exam-related apps to kill time
・ Those who want to feel JLPT N1 exam before going to bed every day

There are “Fifty Fifty” and “Audience” functions.
You can get coins by watching the video.

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