JLPT exam 1000 questions leaderboard/日本語能力試験対策アプリ紹介

This is a JLPT game to answer within 20 seconds. If you don’t know, you can use the 50/50, skip, and time stop functions as acquisition points. Do you want to improve your JLPT score quickly? Do you want to improve your words, grammar skills? JLPT exam 1000 questions leaderboard is best app for you.

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– This application will help you to improve your JLPT N1-N5 study as well as your JLPT score – This application provides thousand of questions and samples that cover on almost JLPT Test contents.
– Learning with 20 categories and simulation Test like standard JLPT Test. – You can learn anywhere, anytime – Simple interface and easy to use – Report your result with score of each part “JLPT exam 1000 questions leaderboard” is a Japanese JLPT test learning app for those who aim to pass the JLPT N1-N5 level.

◉ Teaching materials for high JLPT scores In order to support the JLPT high score, we collected questions on the exam very often in past JLPT exam. This is all you need to train the word skills that are essential for high scores.

■ You can learn “Japanese skills” efficiently.
■ Compete with other learners for points on the leaderboard.
■ Get coins every day with free games.
■Full of learning programs to improve your JLPT score and improve your Japanese language!


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