【N2】~にしろ/~ni shiro


even if; regardless; whether… or

How to make/作り方

Noun + にしろ/にせよ 
Verb-dictionary form + にしろ/にせよ 
いadj + にしろ/にせよ
なadj + にしろ/にせよ

example sentences/例文 (audio/音声付き)

Byoki ga naotta ni seyo, shibaraku ansei ga hitsuyou desu.
Even if you recovered from your illness., you still need to rest.

kesseki suru ni seyo renraku wa shite kudasai.
Even if you will be absent, please contact us.

Whether we’re gonna win or lose, we want to fight to the last breath.
katsu ni shiro makeru ni shiro, zenryoku de tsukushite tatakaitai desu.

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