【N4】~がる /~garu


 This is roughly means “to show signs of; to feel; to think; to behave as if”

This can be used to say that someone or yourself is showing signs of~, appearing to~, feeling~, etc.

How to make/作り方

For i-adjectives and na-adjectives: First remove the trailing 「い」or「な」 from the i-adjective and then attach 「がる」

example: 寒い → 寒がる
      嫌な → 嫌がる

example sentences/例文 (audio/音声付き)

Hurry up and come here. What are you acting all embarrassed for?
Hayaku kiteyo! Nani wo hazukashigatte iru no?

He is the type to show dislike towards getting woken up early in the morning.
kare wa asa hayaku okosareru no wo iyagaru taipu desu.

Our dog acts afraid about entering a water without any reason.
Uchi no inu wa mizu ni hairu no wo riyuu mo naku kowagaru.

No one wanted this toys.
kono omocha, dare mo hoshigaru hito ga inakatta.

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