【N4】( ~そうです)/~sou desu

( ~そうです)It looks like~

 How to make It looks like~ in Japanese.

    • ・ Meaning: It looks like~
    • ・ JLPT Level: N4
    • ・ Category: grammar

You can use “~そうです” when you want to express It seems like something.
We add soudesu to i-adj and na-adj bases to say that It looks like something.
It is expressing supposition that is given from an aspect/situation/state/sign/condition what you see/heard.

The patterns is below:

i-adj  :おいしい → おいしそうです

na- adj:元気な → 元気そうです

irregular: いい → よさそうです

 Examples of sentence

おいしそうですね。 (おいしい)
It looks delicious.

メアリーは幸せそうです.。 (しあわせな)
Mary looks happy..

来週は天気がよさそうです。 (いい)
It looks like the weather will be fine next week.

 You can use そうです with negative adjectives too
The negative ending “nai” is changed to “nasasou”.

i-adj  :おいしくない → おいしくなさそうです

na- adj:元気じゃない → 元気じゃなさそうです

irregular: よくない → よくなさそうです

 Examples of sentence

彼はつまらなそうです。  (つまらない)
He looks bored.

この教科書は難しくなさそうです。  (むずかしい)
This text book doesn’t look difficult.

来週は天気がよくなさそうです。  (いい)
It doesn’t looks like the weather will be fine next week.

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