【N3】~てもかまわない /~te mo kamawanai


it doesn’t matter if…

How to make/作り方

Verb-te-form + もかまわない
Noun + でもかまわない
いadj (without い) + くてもかまわない
なadj + でもかまわない

example sentences/例文 (audio/音声付き)

If you run out of time today, tomorrow will be acceptable.

terebi o mitemo kamaimasen
It does not matter if you watch TV.

itsu demo koko ni nihongo o benkyou shite kamawanai yo
It does not matter if you study Japanese here anytime.

chotto atsui kara, mado o aketemo kamaimasen ka
It does not matter if you open the window as it is little hot.

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