【N3】~のに/~noni/ in spite of…

~のに in spite of

 How to make”in spite of .” in Japanese.

    • ・ Meaning :in spite of , despite of
    • ・ JLPT Level: N3
    • ・ Category: grammar

You can use “~のに” when you want to say “in spite of or despite of..”.

B in spite of the fact A, contrary to the expectations when it is A, it is B.

The patterns is below:


verb short form+のに 勉強したのに、合格しなかった。
いadjective short form+のに とても寒いのに、あの人はTシャツを着ているだけです。
なadjective +なのに 彼女はきれいなのに、彼氏がいません。
noun +なのに 日本人なのに、寿司がきらいです。

 Examples of sentence

We go to picnic in spite of rain.

I sent her a mail but she didn’t reply..

Despite of his poor hearing, he is one of the best pianist in history.

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