What does 冥利に尽きる (Myori ni tsukiru)mean


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冥利に尽きる (Myori ni tsukiru)

“Myori” is derived from Buddhist terms and refers to “benefit obtained as reward for good business”, but when used in general, it refers to “benefits and happiness received from being in a certain position / condition”.

冥利 is a kind of divine providence or fortune, a blessing of happiness that comes from having some role or position in life.

“tsukiru(尽きる)” has the meaning of “out of use” and “extreme / extreme “to be at the highest point”.

“Myori ni tsukiru” = I have received tremendous benefits and happiness (and thanks for that)

This is a word that expresses gratitude.
It is often used as “○○冥利に尽きる.

For example, a teacher who got spoken inspiring words from students
“His words are still in my heart. 教師冥利に尽きる.”

You can use it like this.

myourinitsukiru (冥利に尽きる ·冥利につきる)
to get more blessing than one deserves

If you express「○○冥利に尽きる」in English、I think「feel luck as ○○」is translatable.

Let’s see some examples with voice

I feel lucky as a actor to receive the applause of the audience.

I feel lucky as a researcher that the essay is published in a prominent newspaper.

I feel lucky as a musician to hold a concert at the Tokyo Dome.

I feel lucky as a woman to be confessed by  two men at same time.

I feel lucky as a teacher to receive a New Year’s card from more than 20 years ago of graduates.

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