【N2】あげく(に)/ageku ni


in the end / finally / after all that effort / as a result / on top of all that ~.

How to make/作り方

Noun + のあげく(に)
Verb-casual, past + あげく(に)

example sentences/例文 (audio/音声付き)

Iroiro kangaeta ageku kotoshi wa America ni iku no wo yameta.
I thought and thought and decided not to go to USA this year.

Sanjuppun mo matta ageku hoshikatta kaki ga urikire de kaenakatta.
After waiting a good 30 minutes, the cake that I wanted was sold out and I couldn’t buy it.

Kanojo wa yopparatte sawaida ageku neteshimatta.
She got drunk and made a big racket, but in the end he fell fast asleep.

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