Lesson7:~ほうがいい /~houga ii/You had better..

Lesson7:~ほうがいい /~houga ii/You had better..




M:Saikin ha ga itaku te.
F:Haisha ni itta houga iidesu yo.
M:Jitsu wa kesa ittan desu yo.
F:Jaa, Amai mono wo tabesuginai houga iidesu yo.
M:Hai, Sou shimasu.

M:Recently my tooth is painful…
F:You had better go to the dentist.
M:Actually, I went this morning.
F:So, it is better not to eat too much sweets.
M:I will not.

Grammar explaination

You can use ~ほうがいい when you want to say “You had better…..”

■The patterns is below:

verb ta-form + houga ii

verb nai -form + houga ii

You had better.. , You had better not to..
It means “it’s better” or “it would be better”, it may be also used to say that something should (or shouldn’t) be done.

Example sentences

もっと勉強したほうがいいですよ。motto benkyo shita houga ii desu yo.
You had better study more.

レッスンを休まないほうがいいですよ。Lesson wo yasumanai houga ii desu yo .
You had better not skip class.

あなたはあのケーキを食べないほうがいい。Anata wa ano cake wo tabenai hou ga ii.
You shouldn’t eat that cake.


歯 ha(tooth)

痛い itai(painful)

食べ過ぎる tabesugiru (to eat too much)

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