Lesson 1 でしゃばりクソばばあ/deshabari kusobaba

Today we will introduce you this slang:

でしゃばりクソばばあ/deshabari kusobaba.

でしゃばる (deshabaru/ verb) which means to intrude or meddle.

クソばばあ is nasty old woman.

so でしゃばる + クソばばあ = でしゃばりクソばばあ/deshabari kusobaba.

The meaning , well, i  can say nagging woman.

See the video as example.

You can say 

You are getting on my nerve, leave me alone!

nagging woman!

By the way, そんなの関係ねえ ( sonnano kankeinee) which means, no matter what you say.

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