【N1】~と相まって /~to aimatte

~と相まって ~to aimatte

 How to make”~と相まって  ….” in Japanese.

    • ・ Meaning :~と一緒になって, together with ,Coupled with
    • ・ JLPT Level: 1
      ・ Category: grammar

You can use “~と相まって” when you want to say “Coupled with  …”.

The patterns is below:


 Examples of sentence

scenery of Miyajima , blue ocean and green mountain is coupled with a beautiful location.

His ability coupled with luck brought about his Victory..  

多くの国々では、水や空気の汚染と相まって、環境破壊が進んでいる 。
Most countries, water and air pollution is coupled with progressive environmental destruction .

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