【N3】可能形/potential verb

potential verb

 How to make potential verb in Japanese.

    • ・ Meaning: can, be able to~
    • ・ JLPT Level: 3
    • ・ Category: grammar

When someone want to say ” can ( ability)” in Japanese, you can use potential verbs.
All verbs conjugated into the potential form become a ru-verb.

The conjugations patterns is below:

 Group 1 verbs
Replace ” u” with ” eru”

Dictionary form Potential form
 Iku ける Ikeru
Hanasu せる Hanaseru
Kaku ける Kakeru
Asobu べる Asoberu
Nomu める Nomeru

 Examples of Group 1 verb.

I can drink sake.

I can’t speak English.

I couldn’t go to school because Typhoon came.

 Group 2 verbs
Replace ” ru” with ” rareru”

Dictionary form Potential form
べる Taberu 食べられる Taberareru
Neru られる Nerareru
Miru られるMirareru
Deru られるDerareru
調べる Shiraberu 調べられるShiraberareru

 Examples of Group 2 verb.

Did you sleep well?

Can you eat row fish?

my co-worker gives me a free ticket, I was able to watch the baseball game.

 Irregular verb

Dictionary form Potential form
来る Kuru 来られる Korareru

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